3 Times We May Suggest A Dental Crown

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You probably know that if you have cavity, you’ll learn from us that you need a filling. If your tooth is destroyed, you’ll need it removed. So, when might you need a dental crown, you may think to yourself? As you may have imagined, it’s often just the right treatment when you can’t receive a filling but when you most certainly do not yet need your tooth extracted. Remember, a crown is a hollow-bodied, artificial prosthetic tooth. As for some specific reasons we may suggest one, they might help you better understand where crowns fit into dental care.

#1: For A Cracked Tooth

We may explain that your minor crack is just an esthetic issue that you can treat if you wish with cosmetic care but it’s not necessary. Or, we may tell you that you need an extraction because the crack is very deep. Then, of course, if it’s somewhere between these two types of cracks, we might place a dental crown, so you may save your tooth and restore its beauty and function.

#2: For Severe Decay

The beginning stages of decay are something that we can treat with a dental filling. However, the more severe the decay, the less dental tissue you have remaining. Once the decay becomes too severe, we can’t safely place a filling any longer. In this case, the next step is usually the placement of a beautiful dental crown.

#3: For Excessive Cosmetic Damage

Chips, pitting, craze lines, yellowing, internal staining … combine these all together and you may have teeth that need some serious cosmetic help. Sometimes, a beautiful porcelain crown is the best way to address the problem, so your tooth or teeth look lovely again.

Come In When You Need A Dental Crown

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