Addressing Advanced Cavities With Restorative Care

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The ongoing spread of tooth decay can make the restorative dental care you need more complicated. When a cavity begins to form, you are suffering damage to your enamel. This already calls for care, but your dentist will simply need to remove the infected area, clean it, and replace what had to be removed with a dental filling. When damage goes on long enough to create problems with your tooth’s pulp, your dentist will have to contend with bacteria attacking the living tissue housed within. A root canal will allow them to access the area, remove infected tissue, and protect the tooth.

Using A Root Canal Treatment To Put A Stop To Endodontic Troubles

Endodontic care means care for the interior of your tooth. If you have a cavity that has reached your pulp, calling for endodontic care, you are likely to experience symptoms like acute pain and sensitivity. While people are often hesitant to go through a root canal treatment, it can actually put a stop to ongoing discomfort. After a root canal treatment is completed, your dentist will be sure to address the removal of tissue from your pulp, and will provide you with a dental crown to support your tooth.

Undergoing A Tooth Extraction (And Replacing Your Lost Tooth)

If too much time passes without care, the only option left to your dentist will be to extract your infected tooth. An extraction at your dentist’s office can be done safely, and your dentist can make you as comfortable as possible. After this has occurred, you should review your prosthetic dental options. With a prosthetic, you can avoid problems with your smile, and with how you bite and chew food.

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