Avoiding Damage Caused By A Teeth Grinding Habit

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You can produce a remarkable amount of force when you take a bite. The ability to produce that kind of power helps us eat tougher foods, but it can be trouble for people suffering from bruxism. Bruxism refers to a habit of teeth grinding, which can occur with particular frequency during the night. The force you create when you clench your jaw unconsciously can seriously damage your teeth, and can potentially leave you needing restorative dental care. With treatment from your dentist, you can ensure your habit of grinding your teeth does not lead to more serious harm.

How People With Bruxism Can Protect Their Teeth While Sleeping

Your dentist can give you a means of protecting your teeth while you sleep by providing you with a custom-made mouth guard. The guard will act as a cushion between your upper and lower teeth, so that you are unable to bite down and cause damage. By having this protection, you can avoid damage that might lead to chips and cracks that require cosmetic dental work, or more significant harm that needs restorative treatment.

Giving Your Oral Health The Attention It Deserves

If you think something might be wrong with your oral health, bring the matter to your dentist’s attention. You can avoid complications by having something like bruxism addressed promptly. If you stay consistent with regular dental checkups, you can count on routine reviews of your dental health. People who attend regular appointments can have problems identified and treated early, which can spare them from suffering more serious issues. These visits also make it easier to limit your risk for problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Are You Grinding Your Teeth? Seek Help From Spring Pearl Dental

A teeth grinding habit can lead to serious dental damage. If you are concerned that you might be grinding your teeth while you sleep, talk to Dr. McElravy at Spring Pearl Dental. Appliance therapy can prevent serious problems from developing, and you can undergo treatment for any harm you have already experienced. To learn more about what we offer, to arrange your next dental checkup and cleaning, or a same-day emergency appointment, contact us today at 281-651-2782. Located in Tomball, TX, we are proud to welcome patients from Spring, the Woodlands, Houston, Pinehurst, and all surrounding communities.