Water: The Great Neutralizer

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You know that you should be drinking water because you can practically make it through a day without being inundated with advice, bottled water ads, and hearing about “hydrating yourself.” While it is of course extremely important that you drink in enough water every day, you might not know much about how this can positively impact your oral health. The good news is that once you do recognize these details, they may push you to go ahead and get serious about that H20 you’ve been meaning to sip on.

About Acidity

When the environment in your mouth becomes too acidic, your oral health suffers. It can cause the erosion of your enamel, which is the very hard layer of your teeth that acts as a protective barrier. Since you don’t want this to happen, it’s a good idea to drink water throughout the day, after meals, and particularly after drinking something acidic like coffee, tea, soda, or juice, to neutralize your pH.

About Bacteria

You already know that a multitude of bacteria call your mouth home. What you may not be so sure about is what types of scenarios give them the chance to multiply beyond normal limits. Unfortunately, when your mouth is dry or when you haven’t brushed food away, they will certainly be on the rise. To keep them from populating and harming your oral health, drink more water. It will help flush the bad out, so you can avoid issues like gum inflammation and disease, as well as tooth decay.

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